why you should believe in your dreams

Dream, and dream big! heck if you’re going to do something do it properly right? we all have our dreams, our life goals if you will and you should never settle for anything less. Never believe when anyone says “you’ll never change the world” or ” you’ll never get there ” or” you’ll never do this or that but you may get this far” because more often than not they were too scarred to follow their dreams in case they failed. so they shoot you down. that’s a jaded perspective.  But you see never trying is the second worst sin you can commit after giving up.  Following your dreams is the greatest achievement you can have in your personal log because it’s the path to true happiness, and no other job or lifestyle will ever compare so you as a result will only ever be sort of happy. Are you really going to stand for that? isn’t true happiness what you want? I personally do ill admit that. It’s a daunting thing to do follow your dreams but its the best thing you will ever do, crossing over to that first stepping stone is a remarkable achievement and I’m not saying its easy but it is worth it! I can assure you of that. now you’re probably sat there thinking to yourself”what is this guy on about I’m just an ordinary person, I couldn’t change the world” but the truth is you can. do you think Ghandi changed the world by chance? No he had a dream, and he pursued that dream and never backed down, he believed. Do you also think that he was born an international icon? no he just like you at one point was an ordinary person , living an ordinary life. BUT HE BELIEVED IN HIS DREAMS AND ACHIEVED THEM! and you can too!! the only thing stopping you is you, So here is my question to leave you on; What are you going to do today that will have an effect on your dream tomorrow? because no matter how far away it feels, for all you know it could happen tomorrow. But you’ll never find out unless you try.

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