You should always be true to you

Be true to yourself, Be true to the real you, Not the different personas developed around different groups of people because the truth is those different personas are just so those different groups accept you. We as people all crave social status and social acceptance ill give you that, heck up until recently i was the same, i was never true to me, and it stemmed from insecurity i once had. But being you, the real you is the most incredible thing you can do. Yes you could lose a bit of social status as the people you once looked towards as friends could quite possibly not want to know you anymore, but the people who truly love you, the ones who really are your friends and aren’t fake will stand by your side when you reveal the face behind the mask.

look lets get realistic about another aspect here, its a great thing to look up to somebody, have an idol who you adore and wanting to be them is normal, but it will never happen because you are not them, you are you, so stop comparing yourself to those certain people. You are never going to be Kim kardashian or Hugh jackman so why compare yourself with people of those statures. Embrace what it is that defines you, makes you and don’t let those specific features about yourself break you. If you aren’t happy with yourself because somebody like Kim is “flawless” and you’re “flawed” then you are not looking at things truthfully, what you deem as perfect about someone else is another persons view on what is flawed about them. We are all beautiful and perfect in our own little way. As well as we are all flawed in another way. But it is those exact features that make us. You don’t need surgery, or to cake yourself in make up, or to dress and act a certain way, you only have one thing guaranteed in life and that is at the end you will die, its the bit in between that counts the most, what you do why you are alive, you see a lot of people are alive but are not living, because they are wanting to live like somebody else. But let me ask you one thing, If you understand the fact that you will die as your only guarantee, why live like somebody else? when you can live like yourself. You’re the only you there will ever be. Being honest i think that there will only ever be one of me is amazing, yeah i’m flawed as hell but i’m me, and i’m real. Don’t you think that’s great as well, that there is only one of you and only ever will be.

Be the best you can be, Make the most of every opportunity you are ever given, Create your own opportunity, Live life the way you want to live it and not how somebody else would like you to, embrace your flaws, love your perfections, Just be yourself and do things your own way! Because you are amazing and its your life not theirs.

i’m going to leave you with a little quote, on which i think sums this little verse up:

“Always be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else.”
― Judy Garland

Have a great day everyone! And remember unique isn’t weak! Share our similarities, and celebrate our differences.