life is beautiful!

Ever heard the phrase “life is a pile of sh*t” ? has an elder or a cousin or anyone ever said that to you. Anyone at all. I ask this not because i agree but because i disagree. You see i have had a lot of horrible experiences in my life, Some are ones we all go through such as losing the first woman i ever loved truly, having an operation and having to endure to aftermath until my scars healed. some not so common such as the fact that  I am part of the few percent of people across the globe who has a condition called congenital melanocytic nevus. Yes there is a chance i could develop melanoma. in fact i have a 5-10% chance of this incredibly aggressive form of cancer developing over my life time. I also watched my mother become a shadow of her once vibrant self for years. She passed away when i was 13. With things like this it is quite easy to become trapped in the cycle of life being awful but the truth is my friend,LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!. Life is literally what you make of it, how you view it, the experiences you create and not just the cards that it dealt you at the table. Certain things do cast a shadow over your vision on life, but there is so much more than just bad things. Don’t let this shadow become a darkened version of what you once where. I mean come on look around, You can travel where you want, there are some incredible views out there. Family and friends are a beautiful thing about your life in themselves.  You can have amazing holidays, You can go banana boating for gods sake :b !  but seriously you shouldn’t ever dwell on the negatives, every negative life throws is just a curve ball which it hopes you don’t hit a home run with. always seek a positive from every situation and smash the curve ball as well as life out of the park. That way you dictate the game. You become the master, the legend, the doer of the impossible in certain situations even.Live with positive vibes, create a Positive mind and live a positive life.


Anyway this stemmed from a conversation i had with somebody today. I just had to write it down for you all. Anyway I hope you enjoyed reading and have a wonderful day!