My thought of today!

So as you guys know I’m trying to make my dream of breaking into the industry a reality. But im curious what are your dreams? What do you want more than anything?  Please feel free to leave it In the comments or email me. My email is on my front page of my blog. 

Anyway I just wanted to say no matter how big or small your dream may seem to you and to others you’ve gotta go for it. If you give up today you will never know what is right around the corner. Somebody from what ever industry could be watching you and believe you are a perfect fit for them but if you give up then they will give up on you. It’s just that simple. You’ve gotta own who you are and be who you are. In a world filled with people who follow and collect followers you are the only person who can choose which side of that fence you want to be on! Do you want to be heard or not? Do you believe enough in yourself or not? Are you willing to do what it takes or not? I ask myself that every day, and so should you. 
Never change from who you are to fit in with someone else’s design, because designs change, and they change to suit different people, you are not the best at being anyone but yourself ! There is only one of you. So go out there, grab those dreams and those goals and squeeze everything you can out of them! Because you only get one shot. And id suggest living for you not them!

Anyway guys enough ranting from me. I hope you’re having a good day and making those dreams a reality!