What it means to be successful 

Success. What is the first word or phrase that popped into your head when you saw that word success? Because I’m willing to bet it was money or something money related. We as people use money to show how successful we are. But the truth is money is not a real reflection of how successful a person is at all. Money is a reflection of how successful a product is for example or a business. Even if it was you who created what ever it was that now has over 1,000,000,000 in sales that still doesn’t make YOU successful. That just makes a product successful. It is the product that is selling. Not you. Now What if I where to tell you what makes you and your life a success is more to do with setting yourself a personal goal. Never stopping even after you get there and even though its been 5 years and you feel like you have got no where you still haven’t given up. You never will give up.

You see success isn’t money. A successful life isn’t anything to do with money initially. Money usually just comes afterwards. Almost like a reward for your effort and dedication. A reward for not letting all of your doubts beat you. For not giving in. You see the universe rewards effort. A successful life is defeating all odds no matter what. A successful life is being able to sit down at the end of every day and say to yourself honestly “I’ve made a real difference today” ” I’ve tried my hardest today”. 

When you see success for what it really is other than money. That is when you begin to become successful. You can’t be successful without failure. And money can’t fail in any way.  It’s an object. Created by man. 
Thank you for reading 🙂