Don’t let the B*stards grind you down!

Where ever you are. Who ever you are. What ever you think of yourself I need you to promise something. This promise is not to me. But it is a promise to yourself. It is a promise that no matter how hard things get you will never give up or give in. You will Give out before you do either of those things!!

You will never understand how much you are worth. You may be thinking ” I am not worth anything, I’m a loser” or you could even be reading this and thinking “what is he talking about, he is talking nonsense” and if you are one of those people who think this post is nonsense then i would suggest clicking off it now because this is not for you. This is for the girls who think they are not worth anything, they think they are ugly because they cant airbrush and photo shop pictures and are not the worlds best make up artist. This is for the guys who do not make enough money to provide and feel stressed and worthless because they can’t “provide like society says” . This is for the “aggressive depressives”.

I want. No in fact i need you to listen. You may think that you are not where you want to be in life, or that you are not the prettiest, or you are single and you want to be with somebody but “nobody will get with you because you do not deserve them to”. You could be in the worlds biggest rut, You may think that there is no way out now. But you can never give in. I want you to say this and i do not mean whisper it, i mean say it like you mean it,  in the mirror, to yourself. I want you to say ” I can do this! no matter what i think or what stands in my way i will beat it down and i will never give up, one day this will get better and this will be a distant memory. I WILL BE HAPPY AGAIN!.

Do not read any more of this post until you have done that. It is vital.

Look no matter what is going on in your life right now, we are all human, we all have the choice to be happy or sad, rich or poor, loved or hated, and are probably things you didn’t even think you had control over. But you do! you control everything in your life, so i suggest you analyse what it is that has got you to where you are today, and you figure a way to be the person who you where meant to be, and that person is the best version of you. You need to be the best version of you possible. You may no know how to do that, and you also may be having the darkest time of your life right now, But let me just say this. Daytime is bright, in fact the sun makes it exceptionally bright, it is impossible to see the stars in the day from the naked eye. But then we turn to night time, which is where you are, in a very dark place. But when you look to the skies what do you see ? You see a moon and stars. Am i correct? the stars where put there to show you no matter how dark it gets there is always a light, you just have to find that light and you just have to grasp it, figure a way to light the world of your mind in your darkest night. Its down to you to find what this light is, Because no two people are the same, so even if its the same thing that lights their world up, there will be difference somewhere along the line in the plans to light up. So you can not rely on anyone. You just have to trust yourself that you are doing the right thing, So long as it does not put you in any harm! Do not get me wrong you can ask people for help or if you would like a perspective on your progress. But ultimately the decision must be yours.

You can do this. I know you can. How do i know you can change your life for the better? Because i did that exact thing and i am still trying to improve myself, every second of every day.  so say it with me again. say ” i promise” and mean it.

Thanks for reading guys, i hope this has helped somebody somewhere!

Everything is going to get better. Just keep working! I believe in you!