A Poem for mental health

She stays inside,

Using that screen as her only disguise,

quivering about her next thought,

In case its one of the demons lies

controlled by the puppet master,

its strings tugging on her mind,

the young girl she once was,

so carelessly left behind

wrapped up in her bed,

still staring at her screen,

she often sits there wondering,

what could have been

if she was still behind the wheel,

and not the evil controller,

she pines for somebody to understand,

for somebody who doesn’t just know her

But also knows him,

the devil in disguise,

the one who can distinguish,

between his truths and his lies,

so she stays behind the screen,

his only form of protection,

between the control he has over her,

and a real helpful connection

the one who can pull her away,

the one who proves shes in control,,

not just of her emotion,

but mind, body and soul,

you see sometimes we need help,

and it comes when you least expect,

so hold on tight, keep up the fight

this is about a girl i once knew,

and her future has turned out bright.