You should read this, It could end up helping you sooner or later.

Hey guys, so i have been thinking about this for a while and over the next month i will be uploading every day. But i will be posting about mental health and issues within the category of mental health. It is something i feel very strongly about seen as i have had severe issues with demons myself. My general aim is to raise a bit of awareness because i feel that even though everyone knows about mental health issues like depression as a prime example not a lot of people understand what it is like. Not a lot of people who have never suffered know what it does and even worse some people do not believe it actually exists and it is all ”a fantasy land in your head, its make believe, and we can just stop it” because they cant physically see any issues and because they are not you they can  not feel them. You know as though we make these things up.

I remember being told my depression wasn’t real a long while ago, but that’s another story for another time.

Anyway, my posts wont be strict to one thing like a few quotes or an explanation of the science behind certain illnesses they will literally be what ever i feel, just like today with my poem (if you’ve not seen it ill leave a link at the bottom) some days i may even post a few you just never know 🙂 I like to keep you guessing, its just the sort of person i am.

I hope you are all having a “mental” day (what an awful joke haha)  But i mean it, i hope you are having an absolutely fantastic day!!

You are not alone, We do not suffer together, We rough it together, Through the stormy weather, even when the sun kisses your horizon And our smiles shine brighter than ever, You will see that happen again, this is my promise, it is our endeavor. My sister and my brother.

link to my poem:


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