Depression. What really is it? and how can we help ourselves. (Day 3 of my Daily blogging)

Depression, what really is depression? basically it is an imbalance of chemicals in the brain in the brain. Or more accurately speaking depression is a reduction in the amount of certain neurotransmitters found (monoamines such as serotonin and norepinephrine) in depressed people. Sounds rather simple doesn’t it? but to a depressed person it is much more than that. It is a tunnel with no light at the end, A night sky with no stars or moon, just a vast black space that seems to devour everything whole. Or to get more personal, that’s how i felt anyway. It is as though for some reason you just one day forgot how to be happy, how to laugh and how to smile. you’re trapped in a never ending whirlwind with no escape and the only thing you can do is allow yourself to be engulfed by the vortex surrounding your life.

 Now i want you to think of this;imagine having handcuffs on your mind, handcuffs that don’t allow you to move far, think joyfully and live a normal life like everyone around you is doing. What do you do? do you try to pick the lock? or do you leave them because there is no 1 key for these handcuffs. There is only motivation and a want too get better as your lock picking tool. or doing nothing and being engulfed. but there is another flaw where do you get the motivation? you have to make a decision and i know it isn’t easy to stick by because you’re scared; scared of people knowing in case they give you the good ol’ “you need to pull yourself together” or some other silly sentence like that. As we know it isn’t that easy. Anyone who has suffered knows its not like having just a few bad days. it doesn’t seem to end.  until you make it! now i am not saying it is going to be easy and my fellow sufferers i know what it feels like. But you have to pick that lock! you have to remove those handcuffs once and for all, because once they are removed those same cuffs cant grasp you again.

Starting the HOW off

 How you ask? there is no one answer but i want you to look deep inside, deeper than you’ve ever gone, and ask yourself what is it that causes your feelings of emptiness. for me it was being unable to help my mother in her final stages of her illness.the feelings of helplessness carried over.but for you it could be different so keep asking until you get an answer. It’s always hardest to dig up a tree from its roots than it is to just chop it down. This first step alone is not a miracle cure, but it is a start.As well as it being the absolute hardest part. Usually we suppress the root and let it grow and grow until its bigger and stronger than ever. but remember the bigger the tree and the thicker the tree? obviously ‘there is the option of going to the doctor but ultimately it does always come back to you and Your feelings within your mind, body and soul.

Opening up to somebody is also a great way to begin your mental cycle of getting back above water. Now i know its hard, heck it took me approximately 4 years to do, but a problem shared is a problem will realize that later when you’re on the verge of reconstructing. You can do it! think of it almost like ripping off a plaster. the faster you do it the less pain you actually feel and there is the obvious plus of the pain spans a shorter duration. 

Once you have started off the how, search for things which used to make you happy, it can be literally anything in the world, and try to do those again, don’t give up straight away that’s too easy. challenge yourself to stick at it and keep saying you can do it! because you can! learn to take your mind away from things as you are combating them.You spend too much time thinking and overthinking becomes the killer.You spend too little time and you’re not working hard enough.

now these are just two of the steps i took. but i found them to be most effective. hopefully you do too. but it is not nescessarily going to happen like that. this is no miracle cure like i said  before butt you have to want to get better. that it how you begin to find your road out of the Mental state. But please remember every storm subsides eventually. 


8 thoughts on “Depression. What really is it? and how can we help ourselves. (Day 3 of my Daily blogging)

  1. Thanks for sharing. I’m glad you continued to fight until yaw the light. It is tough, and cruel for those who suffer from it. Thank you for being strong & courageous!

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    1. It’s all you can do, you’ve got to fight whether you think you can or not,you have to try! It is cruel for those who suffer. It’s a horrible thing I just don’t want the people who are going through it to feel alone! I’d love to fight for them if im honest but I can’t, so I have to try to find another way. I’d like to thank you for such positive encouragement! It’s people like yourself who make me believe it is possible!

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      1. It is possible! What you are doing works–keep doing it. You are fighting for them in your own way. My guess is your story will resonate with more people than you may realize.

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      2. I hope so! I only shared my story to show people they aren’t alone, that’s why I share personal stories that a lot wouldn’t. By the way I read the poem you linked, I have put a post on it and I have linked your blog, I hope that is ok!

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      3. Sure. Thank you! It’s not my work, I’m sure you gave the author proper credit.

        Really if more people knew someone else felt the same way–someone cared–more people would get help!
        22 Veterans a day commit suicide. Too many. It makes me sad just to write it.

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      4. It’s an awful thing mental illness, I went to the doctors and was prescribed tablets that worked until I stopped taking them which the doctors tell you you have to do, then you end up back at square one, if people knew they have it in them to fight these things I would imagine the numbers would drop, you are right in what you’re saying though! From my personal perspective one of the biggest things I wanted was to know there was someone somewhere who knew, who could help. Who understood not my circumstances but my mind set and could show me the way out. I feel like in recent times mental health issues are getting a lot of recognition but the people who suffer aren’t getting the proper help because it differs from person to person. That’s why I always offer an ear for the person who needs it on my blog. I’m certainly not a professional but I have experience. That is just as valuable as any degree I believe. And yeah I gave the author credit but I gave you credit for showing me the poem, because you deserve to be heard!

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      5. Thanks, Jack! you are very kind.
        I understand what you are saying. Sometimes, very often I think, people want someone who has walked in the shoes, rather than a cobbler. A cobbler may be able to repair the shoes, but someone who knows how those shoes feel can be more beneficial.

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