Do you have your priorities right? 

Hey guys, 

So I was shown this poem today that really hit home. It was about being at a funeral, and somebody is reading out the dates of someone’s life as they stand In front of all of their loved ones. Between the 2 dates as there always is there was as dash which is ment to represent the “lived from – lived until” but this poem describes the dash as more than that. It represents the dash as every event in the deceased persons life. It also said only the people who where in their life will understand the significance of this dash. It is more than just a dash it is every year of their life. From their first second to the last second. It also says that material things do not matter. Cars, clothes, money non of it really matters. I will leave a link to the poem down at the bottom as well as the blogger who showed me this poem. 

The poem does say a lot of things really, but they are the things which really stood out to me, they stood out because it is true, how many times have you argued and fought with somebody over something as stupid as money. How many times have you taken somebody or been taken for granted. How many times could you have helped but you didn’t.  How many times have you needed help but nobody has bothered.  How much time have you spent dreaming about your future and what you want it to look like. Rather than who you want to be in it. 

It is easy to focus on material items such as money because we are surrounded with it day in day out. It us looked to by everyone as “the most important thing” but it isn’t.  The most important thing is being loved and bring happy!  Money doesn’t bring that. So if you have a dream instead of chasing the money. Chase the part of that dream which makes you want to get up every morning. The part that makes you happy! If you have 2 loving parents and a family that is supported tell them you love them every day! It’s not silly, trust me you don’t realise how lucky you are to have 2 parents, because I don’t and many people don’t.  Some people don’t have any.

Ignore the material, and begin to focus on the matter that’s real. Like family, ambition, love, enjoying everything you already have and everyone because that little dash is one thing you can control. You can’t control the dates on either side of it, andnyndnd you never know when the blank date on the right will finally be put in place. 

Thank you for reading.

Here is the link to the brilliant bloggers website: Zoe bear

And here is a link to the poem it’s self :The Dash

Remember it’s Matter that’s real instead of material.