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Yo guys, i know this is not my usual type of post so I’m just going to throw this out there, if you know anybody suffering from depression or a mental issue that needs someone who they can get their emotions off their chest  tell them to email me. I will leave a link at the bottom with my email etc. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a mental health issue they could be self conscious or just having a bad day. But im here to help. I’m not a professional and I certainly will never claim to be one, i have no degree no nothing, but i do have experience. If you want to know that kind of experience ill leave a few posts for you to check out. I’m just a guy who wants to help. Don’t worry I will not judge anyone I will listen and if you would like some advice I will try my best. Nobody should have to go through anything feeling alone or trapped! Especially when there is always a way out. Thank you! 

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Skype name- SimplyJustJack 

If you want any other way of contacting me go to my home page on the menu it will give you a list of my platforms. You can contact me using those as well.