You should read this! Its another for the community!I’ve had another thought. I’m on a roll today! 

So guys. As you know I’m on a huge roll today with my random brain thoughts (aren’t I clever thinking from my brain for once haha) and who fancies doing Skype calls. Not just any Skype calls, but once a month this one will be as well as on events such as easter or new year there will be a few more around them for themed posts. They will be like mini post it projects so to say where we discuss posts, share ideas, or if you fancy we can talk about anything.  Including your day! Literally anything!  Then we all talk about the experience of the call, our thoughts, opinions etc.  Or if you say it, we dont even have to post anything at all about it, it can be a personal talk. If you want it to stay private it will stay private!Let’s bring this community closer! You just tell me what you want to do and we can brainstorm and them let’s do it!

What will happen is I will post just one word and I would like a description of what that word makes you think of.  You guys make a post and tag me in it. I will be picking up to 4 people every month. You guys are giving me so much love i would love to interact properly and more in a real way!

It’s not definite yet I want to see some response on this post. Whether it’s a like, comment, reb log what ever just make it known you like the idea. I will post the one word on the first of every month if this comes to fruition.

Thank you guys!