Scars. Why they are misunderstood.

Scars. We have all got at least one.  Regardless of how we got them. Scars are misunderstood. Scars are not just “oh I was cut once” or “I got hurt”  they are an every day memory to some. They are a reminder to others where they have been and where they don’t want to be. Scars are a lot more than just scars. They are a sign of a battle you have faced, A war in which you are fighting or an accident.

The big problem is that when somebody sees a scar on another person, they immediately want them to “put it away” you know. As though they can just put it in their pocket and forget about it. That’s the attitude a lot of people have. Not everyone but a lot. If you ask me it’s wrong. Instead of caring about what we find on the outside. Should we not care more about what is happening on the inside? . If the scar is from an unavoidable accident then things are a bit different but more and more people now than ever are suffering. 

Did you know 1 in 4 people every year in the uk will experience a mental health problem. 

It is also estimated that 13% of young people ages 11-16 may try to hurt themselves on purpose. But those statistics are just an estimate. The numbers could in fact be higher because of the amount of people who suffer in silence.

They suffer in silence because of fear of judgement. They are lonely and are suffering with a fight in their head. Just because you can’t see the 2 sides that doesn’t mean you should stand in the middle and shout what both sides are saying. You should be helping the innocent party! You should be fighting with the wounded side!

Now, Those numbers alone are staggering. So before you decide to tell somebody to “cover up their scars”. Just make sure you ask them if they are ok first. I don’t mean go over to every single person who you see and ask them. What I mean is if you know how someone got their scar. If it was self inflicted because a lot of people who do that don’t do it for attention. They do it as a cry for help and a way to express emotions because they don’t know how. Too many people suffer. Don’t suffocate them before they start to breathe again. Even just listening to the problems is enough to make them feel a little better. If we think about a little in money terms here (everyone understands money) doesn’t (a little) say 10% of 1 dollar hold more value than 100% of 0 dollars and 0 penny’s. 

It’s just that simple. Don’t judge. Give them a nudge in the right direction. Lend them an ear. Trust me, it’s worth it. They are worth it. Nobody should ever have to feel like they should suffer alone!

 Start.  Caring.  And.  Reach.  Somebody.


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