The reason you should aspire to be yourself!

Why do people act the same as someone? Why do people want to be somebody else? what is it that makes people not want to be them selves? The answer in my opinion is self hatred. It all stems from a different reason. But  good example i can give is because we are all taught the exact same things at school. Now some people are incredibly book smart. they excel at things like science. Some people are good at sports so they excel in that subject. But some people are good at nothing in school and fail everything and from people who i know the guy who ”fails”often tried the hardest. Its not because they are not smart but its because the subjects do not cater to their strengths. Now, the likelihood is the people who excel at science, and enjoy science will go on in their life and try to pursue science. The people who are good at sports will take up a career in sports and the people who didn’t do well in school and cant get into college because they didn’t get the grades will view themselves as a failure. So in turn he who didn’t do well at anything and didn’t get into college will look to people who did and compare. Asking things like ”why couldn’t i have done better i worked harder” ”am i just not intelligent ?” and so on until they spiral into actually believing their thoughts and hate themselves. That’s the long and short of it and if you ask me its completely wrong. Just because you didn’t do well at something it doesn’t mean to say you should give up on everything. There is an old quote which says:

He who follows the crowd will only go as far as the crowd. He who walks alone will find himself in places nobody has ever seen before.

Now don’t get me wrong, its not “because of school” 100% maybe not at all its just the best analogy i could think of. But, what i’m trying to say is this, Everybody is good at something, we are all born with at least 1 exceptional skill set that comes naturally to us. One which we find easier to develop and master than anything. You have got to play to your strengths and if you do not know what they are then its up to you to push the boundaries, you’ve got to go out there and find that strength and do not stop even when you are the best at it. Keep pushing the boundaries because the body has physical limits, the mind has no limits and once your mind takes over your body it will push you further. It will propel you further than anyone has ever been . It will show you why it is best to be who you are and not aspire to be anything but yourself. To be the best you can not be the same as they can be. You are the only person who can be you, You are the best at being you, You are the only you on the planet. So you have got to go out there and own that. Show this world it can have you on your knees chained down and you will find the strength to get back up every time. Always remember, Limits are made to be broken, Hence why “records” get broken all of the time.

Thank you for reading 🙂