Why I am called “jack in a box” instead of something else

So i was asked this a few days ago, i figured if anyone else is wondering then ill put it on here for everyone to see.

There are several reasons for this. Just in case anyone is wondering why I have taken the name of a universal kids toy. It does make SEO fairly hard. Granted. But it’s not about that. Nothing in life that comes easy is worth it And nothing in life that is worth it is ever easy. That’s something im a huge believer in. 

So, why jack in a box? Well my name is jack for starters so that is why the jack part is there. It’s almost like a badge of honour to me because of the amount I have been through and I have still came out the other side. So this may sound strange but when I see my name on someones post or someone says it I feel proud! I know where I have been and what I have done. So yeah and badge of honour is the best way I can put it. 

Now onto the ‘in and box’ part. The box is a symbol of me being trapped and not knowing the way out earlier in my life. The box is also our world, it is me In a type of bubble. I’m trying to get out of the box. The amount of times I have been told I never will be able to do sonething had just made me set a challenge to myself. Trying to break everything I have ever know to make it better. Trying to take on everything I have ever known. The box is also like a comfort zone. I know the barriers and where the walls are, I know where the top and bottom is, and I am trying to push myself, to extend the box at first but to eventually break out of the realm and really push myself. Life starts at the end of your comfort zone. You never know what you can achieve until you push those boundaries and more often than not, the more exciting things happen at the end of your comfort zone. You realize you can do more than you ever thought imaginable. At least that’s what I have found anyway. The box Is dark inside, there is no light, I have to make my own light, just like everyone in the world has to. I am trying to light the box up, the way to that is helping people,  showing them they are beautiful regardless of what an industry or their friends or just random people say. Showing them there is nothing better than to be exactly who you are! Who you are meant to be! The real you! Not some fake sh*t. I read a quote once that said :

It is better that be a first rate version of yourself than a second rate version of somebody else

I truly believe that! 

The full name it’s self also has a meaning. Not 2 separate ones. A big factor in me choosing it eventually instead of “Jacksworld” is because it is a kids toy and if im being realistic I am am big kid. I get excited,  I’m eager, I always want to learn, I have bundles of energy,  I’m always happy. The list goes on for how I’m a big kid. But, it is true and I love that about myself!

So there you have it. Why Jack white runs a blog called “Jack in a box”.


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    1. Somebody asked me so I figured just in case anyone else is wondering they can view it now and understand why 🙂 . I’m just one of them sorts of people, everything needs a meaning, whether I know it at the time or not is irrelevant but ill figure it out if I don’t know. I just like the whole idea of “meaningful things” haha

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