Invisible health poem

It had been a dreary day,                                 before the sun had set,                                 her own thoughts had dried,                           but her face soaking wet,                                  

nobody had listened,                                         to the last thing she said,                                 “Help me out” she cried,                                   before she went up to bed,

To be left alone with both,                               of the voices in her head,                                 the bad overtaking the good,                           growing stronger with the tears she sheds,

Unable to take it anymore,                               she quietly shuts the door,                               curious as to what could have happened,     if someone took her seriously before,

A bottle of drugs to her left,                             a small metal blade to the right,                     the light in her mind was setting,           getting lost in the dark of the night,

She never wanted to speak to a doc,               she didn’t want to speak to a nurse,         her biggest fear was friends and family, gazing at the back of a hurse,

She needed someone to reach out,                 she needed somebody to help,                       just because you can’t see it,                             doesn’t mean it doesn’t harm her health,

Take warning of this advice,                           take my word as gospel,                                   give somebody the help today,                         don’t leave it till the day after tomorrow,      

Even though you know you will see it,         there’s a chance that someone else won’t,   look after somebodys invisible health,         give them all of your time to borrow.

Take action today, Never rely on tomorrow! 

What is the meaning? 

I wrote this because it only takes a split second for somebody to seriously harm themselves. There are ways to prevent it and one of those is to lend an ear, show somebody you care about them and that they are not alone. Suicide, mental health issues, self harm etc is and very serious thing and should never be taken lightly. Just because it is invisible to the naked eye that does not mean it is not real. Oxygen is invisible to the naked eye but do you believe that exists?. Make sure to help somebody out today! Dont leave it until the last second! Because that could be and second Too late! 

Mental health issues require mental help solutions and Mental neglect should not be a possibility. Or a strategy.

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