Saturday shout outs

Hello people, as you know I was going to start my Saturday shout out today. This will be my first one. It has taken quite a lot of looking into and thinking. It was a difficult choice. but I have decided.  This week’s shout out will be:

(drum roll please)

Why? I particularly enjoy how open the posts on this blog are. It is as though his/her posts are a letter to themselves as well as the personal experience to be shared with others. To me it is as though they are doing it to try and help themselves as well as others with how the posts are written. Whether that is true or not only they can tell me. But this week you caught my eye!

Here is a post particularly enjoyed :

I think you guys should give this a read! It speaks volumes about how a lot of people feel with a meaningful Web of words which I feel are very well placed together.
Thank you for all of your submissions!

Remember,  leave a link on this post I will be checking all of my submissions out through the week and making a decision. You never know who you will meet. You just never know if you are going to be the next shout out!


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