The reason you should vote to Save the NHS! 

Right so,

This is not my usual type of post, it is and always has been very rare that I dive into the world of politics on my blog. This is the first time I have ever mentioned politics on my blog and dedicated a post to it in fact . Politics tend to cause a huge argument between sides so I normally air on the side of caution unless somebody asks for my point of view. Having said that though I have a little story, it is from last night into today and it has swayed my entire view from sort of wanting to vote labour but never really making my mind fully up to actually 100% voting for them. 

You see I was never really all that sure who to vote. Every party has some things I agree with and some things I disagree with. Thats politics though.  Everybody is in the same boat as me there. We as the voters will never 100% agree with what a party has to say. That’s jus the way it goes. But anyway, onto the story;

So, I was at a wedding last night. My aunties wedding. Everything was going absolutely fantastic (apart from the odd drink being spilled every 20 seconds) but I started to get pain in my upper back,  in my spine. It felt as though somebody was pushing against it and pinching my skin at the same time. I thought nothing of it really, I’ve had that feeling before in my life and nothing bad has ever happened. So I left it. It came to about 11 o’clock  (ish) and we got a taxi back. I was still sore at this point but it was nothing I could not handle. We decided to go to my local pub after the wedding celebrations had finished to ‘keep the party going’ for a while. It was probably around 12-12:30 and I started getting a really bad pain against my spine. So I left, my sister walked me home from the pub because she didn’t want to leave me by myself. It’s not often that I shed a tear but it just became too much to bare for me. We got home and I took my shirt off to find in fact I have a lump on my spine. That is the source of my pain. So I woke up this morning, apart from not being able to stretch my arms fully above my head or out in front of me today the pain seems to have subsided mostly. In its place I have a very bizarre tingling sensation. So I have to go to the doctors on monday. He/she will more than likely refer me to a dermatologist because of my skin condition. 

What Is the relevance of this story? 

Well, the relevance is this. My skin condition (congenital melanocytic nevus) is not life threatening. But what happened to me last night has happened to me a couple of times in my life. I have had surgery to remove tumours and other lumps several times. Me and my dermatologist when I was under the care at alder hay hospital realized that I don’t even have to be touched. At random points I get tumours that just appear. Rock solid tumours. They have always been benign but I may still need an operation some time soon, Yet again, to remove my tumour because as with any person. If you have an abnormal amount of stress on your spine it can be seriously damaging to your health. My operation is not 100% happening. He may just stick another needle in my back and try to drain some fluid or he may even perform a biopsy. There is also a chance he will do nothing but have me come back at regular intervals to take pictures and review me. To see if anything happens or it gets better. But the way I see it. This may never happen to me again. But judging off past experience it will. Quite a few times.

 I am not the only person who needs our national health service in Britain.  We all need it or have needed it at some point. So there is why i am voting labour. Every party is using scare mongering tactics don’t get me wrong.  But labour in fact do not want to change a lot about this country. They want to improve on existing facilities we offer. They want the working man to be able to access health care. They care about that very strongly. So do I. 

Just imagine. Put yourself in my shoes for a second. If you had to pay thousands for health care. For a condition you could never help. It was present at birth. You have and always will do everything you can to stop what could happen, but certain things. Such as a tumour. You could not prevent. So you go to the doctors, you get a check up that costs money, for them to refer you to a dermotologist that costs even more, for you to then have to pay on top of those more than you earn in 5 years to have surgery to remove something potentially harmful, with a procedure where on top of money worries you worry about your health because the surgery will be right near your spine. You then have to work more hours that normal every day and tire yourself out just to pay all of this back. Your weekends are now week days. How would you feel? 

You see, are vote  for labour is a vote for the nhs. We in Britain do not realize how lucky we are to have are service like that. Do not listen to all of the scare mongering and then wake up from you our daydream to realize you have just made the biggest mistake of your life. Do not make your family pay in literal money for your mistake. You are voting for the national health service here guys. Wake up before its too late. There are millions of us who rely on this service. You included. Don’t go bankrupt because you need a doctors help. Don’t be forced to take out a health plan on top of every other bill you have to pay and end up with even less money a month than you have now.

I am not voting for labour when I put my vote in the box. I am voting for the NHS. Please, I urge you, do the same. Help yourself and help somebody like me. 

Thank you 🙂