Know your worth!

Do you ever feel like somebody is worth more? Like you are not as good as them because they have more, or they can get buy more expensive items than you? I hope you don’t. I’m here to tell you that nobody is worth more than you, nobody is worth more than anybody. Believe me … More Know your worth!

Dream, and do it big!

Hey guys,  Always remember this, when ever somebody tells you that your dreams are unachievable that is only because they didn’t do what it takes to make theirs a reality, all they say is actually a reflection of what happened to their dreams once upon a time. Don’t listen! If you want to be an … More Dream, and do it big!

Dear jack…

To me, Don’t give up just yet, I know today has been the same as the rest of the week. Which was the same as this entire month. What a waste 😔. Things, they get difficult when all you do is live the same day in repeat. I don’t think life was meant to be … More Dear jack…

It’s a society thing

There is a structure within society. It’s a very bleak one. One where nobody feels like they are enough. Everyone believes they have nothing to offer. Everyone believes they are ugly. Society’s self esteem is at an all time high. Industries are booming. All because they sap the life out of the people that make … More It’s a society thing

What is the point?

What’s the point. I mean seriously, what is the point in trying to fit in with the rest or the people on the planet. What is the point in trying to fit in with a group of people who share the same interests as each other and nothing more?  If you want my humble opinion … More What is the point?


She lay there in silence. As still as the night. Time began to tock as she ticked the box to seal her fate. She once had such dreams, ambitions. She was so full of life. So out there and open, so friendly and caring,  she would help anyone she could. Until that night. When the … More Darkness