Dear jack…

To me,

Don’t give up just yet, I know today has been the same as the rest of the week. Which was the same as this entire month. What a waste šŸ˜”. Things, they get difficult when all you do is live the same day in repeat. I don’t think life was meant to be this way. But life doesn’t slow down,  it doesn’t get smaller, you only grow taller, and get older. You have so many dreams and ambitions but the only thing standing in your way is you. You stopped blogging just as you where getting back into the swing of it, all because you ” had a new job, you didnt have time”. What a load of nonsense, there’s always time for something you love doing!  You have to make the time. Nobody can give you an extra hour from their day so that you have 25 can they. There are 24 hours. If you want a better tomorrow jack you must put all of your efforts into today.  You must learn your lessons from yesterday. You must be opportunistic and seize the day tomorrow. Don’t back down from the challenge. Don’t give in. This is where your better tomorrow begins. You can do it!! 

You just have to believe.

From your closest person, yourself.