How knowledge is more powerful than money

Before I start, id like you to ask yourself these,  do you value money? Is money important? Is knowledge truly power? Or is money power?

Now keep those in mind as you read on,

There has always, and there probably will always be one thing that really bothers me. I don’t mean just a little bit I mean it bothers me so much that it eats away day by day, night by night. The problem is, that’s the design of this sphere. Now, you can choose which way you would like to go, there are no straight lines, no edges, you can go as far as it’s walls will let you. But to get out of its walls, to truly see the places where you have been, the places that have helped you find the inner you. To truly discover “the inner circle” You need a little green with letters and numbers on. Those little bits of paper hold more power on this planet than anything. Now that’s what bothers me and before you ask why, let me explain…

Before money, before greed, before there was “one ruler who dictated what you can and can’t do” man went in search of power and placement within society in other ways. We did things for others, we enlightened ourselves in the process. We made mistakes, we learned, we thrived as a species because we all believed in knowledge rather than know less. We still don’t know a lot about our history and how things where formed, who made such incredible temples such as the pyramids and how. Have you ever stopped and asked yourself how or why, have you ever educated yourself , maybe 10% of you have, but for the most, its a no. Its a no because you have been told the answers, you have also subtly been taught to not question anything. You don’t get money for asking and being curious, you don’t get money for learning by yourself. So you sit at home before and after work on Facebook and instagram not being curious. Like i said, You don’t get payed to be curious so naturally you’re not. Being curious doesnt trigger the reward center of your brain. Money does. That is why you value money more. 

You have been taught to know your roll in society, you have been taught money is power, rather than knowledge is power.

Think about this, the guy who you see, wearing a rolex, driving a Bentley,  living in a mansion. Where would he be without the people who have knowledge. The people who create everything he has. I’ll tell you where, nowhere, he’d be a homeless millionaire that couldn’t spend any of his money on anything because nothing has been created for him. Yet I can tell right now that you are thinking you’d rather be the homeless millionaire than the guy who makes cars for 40k a year. But that’s not your fault, you only know what you have been taught. 

Without knowledge nobody would have anything, without knowledge our species would never have lasted. We are not the strongest or most fierce predators on the planet. But we are arguably the smartest. That is exactly what keeps us at the top of the food chain and will continue to do so for years to come.

But, without money where would we be? I could go on forever here so ill keep it short. We would be surviving at the top still, and why? Because we have top he knowledge to do so, yeah the world would look completely different, global warming wouldn’t be a thing, heck, we would probably all be living in teepees or something but the point is we would still be where we are today!!  

If you still value money as much as you did before this i have a suggestion. Dont. Go in persuit of knowledge. You should be curious,  you should want to learn more, about yourself,  about your world, about your past, present all resend future! It’s time we all started to value knowledge once again! After all, knowledge is power.

Even if you still value money most, the more knowledge you have, the more money you will make. Knowledge is literally the key to the city of the world. Knowledge is the answers. Knowledge is everything you will ever need. The questions lay within you, the more you ask, the more you research, the more you will know. 

Get curious! Here’s a little quote for you all that I just thought of:

 Follow the answers you need, don’t follow the greed.