Know your worth!

Do you ever feel like somebody is worth more? Like you are not as good as them because they have more, or they can get buy more expensive items than you? I hope you don’t. I’m here to tell you that nobody is worth more than you, nobody is worth more than anybody. Believe me when I say that. You are you, that is something that you have and nobody else does. You can’t be anyone else, you are unique, we are all unique. But please,  allow me to clarify something.

The reason you aspire to be like somebody else, the reason you want it so bad isn’t only because it is your dream to do what ever it is you want to do, it isn’t just because they are your idol. No, subconsciously you want to “move up a class” you want to “be able to afford more, so that you feel worth more in the molten eyes of the world”. We are all taught that we are “working class, viewed as nothing more that the labourers” yet we all want to be “upper class” so that we don’t have to labour so much,  we will then become too much for that.

But the Class system is just another society con, to make you believe you are worth less than somebody because you have less. No life is worth more than another! We are all the same, we are all equal, we are ALL HUMAN. The sooner that is recognised the better. You are worth the same as anyone ever has and will ever be !! So don’t feel like you’re less! You’re not less! When it comes to human value less is a non existing word. 

Don’t let these constructions bring you down. Just because you cant use some green paper as much as somebody else that doesn’t mean that you are worth less. It just means the paper is worth less!

You are amazing because you are you. You are worth more than any society construction because you are human. We are all worth it! We are all different, we are all worth the same!