Hey guys! My names jack and I’d love to get into music. its a huge aspiration of mine. But my blog isn’t just about that. its about raising awareness, opinions, mental health, stigmas and my life. Its a divine sanctuary where i can just be myself. i want to share my story in the hope of inspiring others to “break the mold” so to say. I’d probably describe myself as your typical average nice guy, except I have a rare skin condition known as CMN (Congenital Melanocytic Naevus) now don’t get me wrong it doesn’t affect me in severe ways just the way I look as it is basically a mass amount of moles as well as one which covers my entire back. I have had that shaved off when it was roughly 2 weeks old. I underwent a big surgical procedure which should have taken weeks but by some divine miracle it only took one long A** go at it because I didn’t lose as much blood as was predicted.   Being “the world’s biggest” at anything doesn’t bother me, but getting my voice heard so that people who suffer from body image issues and other things related know that body image is irrelevant and should never stop you or make you feel upset or anything because your still human and you are still beautiful! I hate bullying and the way the world is made to me is that advertisement and other industries prey on our imperfections. Which in turn makes us feel awful about our selves. To me that is a form of bullying.  What is perfect? not even they can answer that.So i want to promote celebrating our differences as well as sharing our similarities.

I’m not exactly flush for money so Everything i do is on free software and free domains Etc… but anyway Just call me the social justice warrior fighting for not only what i believe in but what many believe in but are scared to say. I hope to promote diversity through my music when its made as well. My personal opinion is that this world wasn’t meant for us to all be the same. This world was meant for diversity. So industry stop promoting one thing and promote everything. You cause more issues than you try to fix.


Anyway there is a few things about me, Myself and I 🙂