It’s a society thing

There is a structure within society. It’s a very bleak one. One where nobody feels like they are enough. Everyone believes they have nothing to offer. Everyone believes they are ugly. Society’s self esteem is at an all time high. Industries are booming. All because they sap the life out of the people that make … More It’s a society thing

A Poem for mental health

She stays inside, Using that screen as her only disguise, quivering about her next thought, In case its one of the demons lies controlled by the puppet master, its strings tugging on her mind, the young girl she once was, so carelessly left behind wrapped up in her bed, still staring at her screen, she … More A Poem for mental health

My thought of today!

So as you guys know I’m trying to make my dream of breaking into the industry a reality. But im curious what are your dreams? What do you want more than anything?  Please feel free to leave it In the comments or email me. My email is on my front page of my blog.  Anyway … More My thought of today!